Established on a strong foundation of experience, knowledge, and a profound commitment to doing what is right.


At PARK Research Partners, it’s about relationships.

  1. Partnering with you, our client, to provide quality research every time.
  2. Building rapport with your consumers across the table or online to explore ideas in search of actionable insights.
  3. Connecting with professionals in the marketing research industry, such as top-notch facilities, to bring together a team ready to meet your needs.

PARK Research Partners is more than simply a research consultancy that steps in, performs a function and steps back. Rather, we seek to be a partner you can count on when you are looking for direction, a partner who will serve as a resource and a sounding board, and a partner who will assist you in piecing together the puzzle of consumer wants and needs. We make your job easier by attending to the details of each study and working diligently to uncover actionable insights in the context of your objectives.

Working as a professional marketing research consultant since 1996, Kaylor Hildenbrand, Principal Consultant, is a skilled moderator, writer and presenter. She embraces the evolutionary nature of qualitative methodologies and easily adapts to changes and challenges.  She looks to serve clients as a fully engaged consultant, working to understand the business context and strategies at play in decision-making and thus delivering relevant insights.

Kaylor has a special passion for packaging research.  She is an advocate of designing packaging for people, not products, and brings a wealth of insights and intuition to her research work and analysis.

Kaylor is a member of QRCA, AMA, MRA as well as IoPP and actively engages with the packaging industry by attending conferences and writing for industry publications such as Brand Packaging, Packaging World and Packaging Design Magazine. She has been a guest lecturer at The School of Packaging (Michigan State University), and frequently conducts workshops for clients on the methods and merits of consumer research.

Research should be exciting, not tedious or stressful. It’s all about discovery and learning. PARK Research Partners brings a level of skill and sound judgment that lets you approach the research process without concern. We work through research and ideation projects thoughtfully, with flexibility and positive energy. We look for opportunities, for possibilities, for solutions.
— Kaylor Hildenbrand

Kaylor Hildenbrand
Principal Consultant