The Millennial Mindset

I’m a qualitative researcher.  I ask questions.   I don’t have all the answers.  Rather, I help companies and brands find answers and direction.

So if you are reading this hoping to fully understand the Millennial mindset by the time you get to the end…sorry.

The purpose here, instead, is to challenge the perception that Millennials are defined by a birthdate.

I often hear that the holy grail for marketers is how to reach the Millennials.  How about striving to reach those of the Millennial mindset?  By definition, I am not Millennial, and yet in many ways, I live, think, shop and behave more like a Millennial.

Certainly, there are some generational biases that do hold true, and have throughout history.  But this time, it’s different. 

As consumers, we are exposed to mass amounts of influence through traditional media, social media, personal experiences, etc.  We are out and about more than previous generations, traveling more and further. The exchange of information happens at lightning speed.  There is a greater focus on discovery and self-discovery.  And often we find ourselves adopting ideas and attitudes that are outside what is “expected” for our defined demographic.

The point here is simple – whether you are conducting consumer research (and gosh, I hope you are!) or drafting your next marketing campaign, remember that Millennial is defined more by a set of beliefs, actions and attitudes than by age.  Focus too tightly on age and you risk missing out on valuable insights and potentially sales.